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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

ITAD services offered by Pulse provide comprehensive solutions for the proper management and disposal of end-of-life IT and Mobile assets. 

Our goal is to help businesses navigate the complex process of retiring electronic assets in an environmentally friendly and secure manner. Our ITAD services begin with a thorough consultation and assessment of your organization’s needs. Whether it’s logistics, data destruction or recycling, we tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements and industry regulations. 

Like you, data security is our #1 priority. Our certified technicians follow rigorous data erasure standards, ensuring the complete sanitization of all data. For devices that cannot be fully wiped, we guarantee physical destruction.

pulse supply chain solutions certified destruction

In addition to data security, we focus on maximizing the value of your retired assets. Through our remarketing program, we strive to extend the product’s lifecycle, reducing waste and providing cost-effective solutions for businesses.

Our ITAD services also include white glove logistics, asset tracking and ESG reporting. We provide detailed documentation of each asset’s journey, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the disposal process. This allows you to maintain compliance with industry regulations and demonstrate responsible corporate citizenship. 


Small Enough to Be Nimble with Ability to Be Global

Pulse prides itself on being flexible and providing creative solutions to each client whether it be for corporate refresh, asset deployment/retrieval, on-site services, data center decommissioning, or a full global program.        

Customer Support

There are so many challenges that can arise in today’s world. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we handle those obstacles seamlessly. We ensure that each client feels heard, and when difficult situations arise, we work together to solve them.

Lower Processing Costs

Pulse keeps overhead lean, which in turn, keeps processing costs low. This gives Pulse the ability to return more value to its clients. Instead of charging service fees for receiving, testing, erasure, and resale, Pulse charges one flat fee by product category.

The Remarketing and Resale of used equipment works to extend the useful life of the product beyond what the original consumer has. From cellphones to laptops to servers, Pulse works to ensure a product’s life is extended as far as possible – increasing supply chain resiliency, adding recovery value, and providing a key service in under-served markets across the globe.

When units cannot safely be resold, Pulse offers a hybrid solution to our clients. Part Harvesting. Part Harvesting has the benefit of adding more recoverable value to Global Supply Chains than Certified Destruction, but also ensures total destruction of sensitive data. The data-containing modules are they completely destroyed, while the useable parts are resold, extending the individual parts’ useful life.

Sometimes a product has been extended beyond its original expected life and cannot be extended any further. When this happens, Pulse works with our clients across the world to ensure that the product is still brought to bear in the circular economy through a Certified Destruction process. Pulse’s Certified Destruction guarantees data-containing devices are completely destroyed, with raw materials added back into Global Supply Chains through a precious metals refinery.

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Want to learn more about how ITAD works and can benefit your business? We have created a comprehensive guide to IT Asset Disposition including an in-depth look at what it is, the ITAD process, and ITAD industry best practices. To download our free guide, please provide some basic information in the form below. You will be redirected to download the guide immediately upon submitting the form.

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Pulse Supply Chain Solutions is a Certified Full-Service Electronic Recycling company. Our services include Remarketing & Resale, Parts Harvesting, and Certified Destruction.

With an international reach, we leverage our global footprint to bring recycling services to our clients around the world – and bring value around the world to our local clients.

Pulse specializes in creating custom-tailored programs designed to meet each client’s specific needs. We pride ourselves in being trusted partners, helping ensure our client’s assets are handled correctly.

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