Who We Serve

We DO more than destroy your products

Pulse is a Certified Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction Company offering a variety of Recycling Services, including Parts Harvesting, Remarketing & Resale, and Certified Destruction in 6 countries around the world. With over 30 years of experience, we have long-term goals for the environment and our clients in the different industries we serve.

OEMs face a wide variety of obstacles and goals specific to their respective industries, and Pulse is well
equipped to provide the needed support. From secure destruction to region-specific resale tactics to
inventory liquidations, Pulse works with our OEM clients to ensure their goals are met – from
sustainability targets to recovery values.

Pulse works with our operator partners across many facets of their business – from internal IT
equipment to field assets to consumer-facing products. We work closely to identify each partner’s
unique needs, building custom programs aimed at solving the problems for each product class.

Retail-based clients across the world face a unique set of challenges that Pulse’s experience in the field
can help mitigate. Whether it is inventory liquidations or point-of-sale refreshes, Pulse works with our
clients to ensure that their needs and goals are the focus of our efforts and execution.

With our global reach, Pulse is able to work with our distributor partners to take used and excess
inventory and liquidate across the world. We work closely with our clients to identify the best possible
markets for their products, ensuring core market stability and returning strong financial recovery values.

With Pulse’s global reach and extensive IT-focused service offerings, Pulse works closely with our data
center clients to solve real-time problems. In today’s changing landscape, Pulse adds value in the
certified destruction of data-containing materials, as well as leveraging our global reach to liquidate
used and excess inventory.

Financial institutions all over the world have the added responsibility of ensuring that the disposition of
their electronic assets is done correctly, to ensure no loss of customer data. At Pulse, we work with our
clients to ensure that all of our programs are setup with data security at the center. From specialized
transportation to secure and monitored destruction, our clients can trust in Pulse.

For hospitals, electronic recycling is all about trust – and that is exactly what Pulse brings to our clients.
Secure transportation and destruction is what our clients need and expect, ensuring that customer
information is properly handled and destroyed.

Educational institutions across the US must manage the ebbs and flows of laptops and tablets utilized
for learning. We work with our education partners to ensure that their assets are fully data-wiped and
reutilized in an educational setting across the world, furthering the mission to foster an educational
environment throughout the life of the asset.